The debate about animal rights develops into points where it gives birth to statements from thin air instead of using existing arguments. One of the arguments in favor of the horrific treatment and eternal imprisonment of the cow, for instance,  a creature that not many people from the western world can even imagine where her natural habitat is even located, is that these living beings have gone through enough genetic manipulations while raised from birth to death by us, that they practically belong to us and so we have the right over their lives.

There is an episode in the TV series ‘Star Trek’ where the human crew encounters a superior alien specie (if you judge by a similar hierarchy that is enforced by mankind over the animal kingdom), which decides to perform a series of experiments on the people who live on the star ship, killing them in different ways only to satisfy his curiosity. In reality, it is us, so it seems, who take the place of every evil character we have ever invented for our amusement through movies and TV shows. The same evil which is enslaving all other beings for its own benefit is us, but no writer, as far as I know, has even thought about the latest developments in science and our vision for the future. Oh, what a twisted addition we added to our bloody, painful storyline on this earth.

The declaration that by the year 2015 we will bring a live mammoth to our world shows the unveiling direction of action which insists that we do not need to only settle  for the animals that live with us for our scientific (maybe even culinary?) amusements, but we can also bring lost lives back from the dead in order to be cruel to them as well. I am pretty sure I do not need to convince any of my readers, that the mammoth that is going to be brought to life will not be set free on the wilderness that our earth has to offer, do I? I thought so.

But there’s more. In 2010  an article which told the story of a scientist who had managed to create a new life form which was never a part of our world almost from nothing. I see in this action the beginning of Michio Kaku’s vision, which tells of future days when we will create new life form as we wish. Can a worse form of cruelty even be imagined? This is going to be a world where new life forms are created only to collapse under the impossible burden of being under our control? The only light of hope in this crawling realization is that perhaps in the coming days when our culture will become one that creates life in order to inflict misery upon it, be it in laboratories, slaughter houses or zoos, we will stop saying that there cannot be a God, because God would not let us suffer like we do. This is almost worth it, and if we do this, we deserve all the suffering we get.




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