Our culture is managing a logistic economy over death. Murder is not important, its objective is. A person who kills a cat in the street will be punished (not severely enough), while a person who will murder hundreds of thousands of “Farm animals” in order to sell their bodies will get paid for it.

Today is World farm animals’ day, which is being commemorated in a way that is almost invisible to the general population’s eye. This day is a mark for the biggest, most extensive holocaust on the rotting face of the earth. About 150 Billion animals are being murdered every year in farms, slaughterhouses, fishing pools and factories for an industry that disguises itself as a food industry. About sixty billion land animals and about ninety billion fish, who are going to vanish from our seas in the near future (are dolphins, who are recognized even by some meat eating people as equal to human beings,  the next to be extinct after the fish?) are the official numbers that describe the severity of this mass murder to which we are all responsible. I try to talk about the horror and about the murder with people every day, but today I will focus on three questions that I have been asking myself.

Why is there so much rage over the comparison of the farm animals’ holocaust to the Jewish or other human holocausts?

To this day I have not received one valid answer to this question. The blind anger over this comparison only surrenders the embarrassment and the inability to accept the dimensions of the horror to which we are responsible. No one has ever logically explained to me why his or her life is more important than the life of a cow that is being slaughtered for their dinner. The only two explanations I have heard are either the careful examination of the Jewish holocaust’s agenda, which was to eliminate the Jewish people, in contrast to the constant breeding, murdering and meat supply in the meat industry, an answer that completely disregard the action itself of the industrialized Nazi murder, and focuses on the unreachable agenda behind it, or the argument for our need to survive through eating meat, thus attempting to justify the existence of infinite Mcdonalds stores, sausage eating contests or meat pastes that are being put in our food, while many vegans lead happy and long lives through healthy, clean diet

I will take this chance and address all those who compare their meat consumption to the hunting of the prehistoric humans. You should be ashamed of yourselves. You, who enjoy everything the 21st century has to offer, you who do not know what hunger is, you who never held a cold weapon in your hand and never killed anyone save a few stomped over ants. You, who never worry about the possibility that today’s hunting will not be successful and that you just might go hungry to bed, you who do not know what hunting is, you should be ashamed of yourself for using such a poor excuse in order to justify meat shopping.

A cattle truck

Why do pictures or videos from this industry of death bother us, while documentation from the Nazi death camps is so important? Why are people upset, disgusted and shocked from a picture or video documentation of what is happening behind the scenes of their dinner? Is this because, while we were the victims of the Nazi camps, this time we are the murderers? Why is it illegal to document slaughterhouses in some places around the world?

A mass grave

The third question is the hardest of them all. Why do we still do this?

The first reason is habit, and habits can be changed, especially when they hurt the victim, the oppressor and the environment. The other reasons, taste, fun and the fact it is legal, are much worse. These are the agendas behind this supermassive industrialized murder. Now you can compare.

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