For the international farm animals day, I am bringing together many stories of brave attempts to escape from captivity and from death. Some of these animals were successful, others were not. Unlike the rest of my posts so far, there is little room for debate, analysis or argument. There’s only room for the understanding that these stories are shared among everyone, not only humans, and they should live forever in our memories.

 For the Cow who hid her calf from her captors

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For the young bull who escaped from the slaughterhouse and hid inside of a hospital, only to get caught and be sent to death once again.

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Image taken from the article

For perhaps the most famous of them all, Yvonne, who managed to escape the slaughterhouse and was free for three months. She was brutally caught, but won a peaceful life in a peaceful place.

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Not all farm animals are the animals we know in the west. The most horrible story I know is about a mother bear, one of many bears who are held captive in China, as their tormentors drain their gall bladders while fully conscious. The mother saved her cub from this hideous life by killing him and then herself.

I am not showing a relevant picture for this procedure. These are one of the most horrible pictures I have ever seen.

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For the sheep, jumping to her death in order to escape slaughter.

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For the Bull, escaping slaughter but being caught inside the city.

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For the cow, attempting to escape from her death and being shot down instead.

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For Molly, who successfully escaped the slaughter house in New York.

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For a failed mass escape attempt, with all participants brought back to slaughter.

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For the cows, attempting to escape a ritualistic murder In turkey


For the lucky and charming Maxine.


For Milkshake, the beautiful cow.


For another failed escape attempt.

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And if we leave out the news reporter’s childish behavior, I will end this post with a wonderful video about the beloved Herbie, a young bull who was saved from death.

In love for those who succeeded in escaping malicous death, and in loving memory of those who failed, and those who died without anyone knowing anything about them.

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