A Bloody Conspiracy: Dairy Industry Tries to Inflate Prices by Slaughtering 500,000 Cows (read the article here)

We can all agree that this holocaust like mass murdering of cows is, even if common, a vile action done by the butchers of the dairy industry, but even the prosecution, who did a great job, writes this –

“”Not only did this program result in the premature deaths of over 500,000 cows, but it inflated the profits of the dairy industry at the expense of the consumers, over a period of years,”

We should all remember that, expenses and profits aside, ALL dairy cows dies “Prematurely”, and almost 100% of the times – in death camps and slaughterhouses, being turned into meat. The action described in this article is a horrible mass killing, but the only reason it shocks people is because these deaths are not profitable to the consumers, like the deaths of “normal” dairy cows.

This is the law of the systematic industrialism of death, and the only trace for any sort of “consciousness” left in our systems. This is how we manage animals, in an economy of suffering and death, in a similar way to what we imagine hell to be – An underworld where everyone needs to suffer just in the right manner and amount, according to an exterior justice system.


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