I was going to write here the words “To whom it might concern”, but to be honest, I am terribly discouraged by the creeping feeling that perhaps my words will not concern any of the people and powers to whom I am directing this letter, this message, this plea. Deeper than my concern about the possibility of this message to be simply thrown to the lions, I am gravely concerned, even horrified, by the blood ritual that is taking place on Faroe Islands, as well as in few other places, and this performance of viciousness I am thinking about is the whale killing ritual. There are questions I am asking in the end of this message, but I will appreciate it even if you will only read what I have to say on this letter and remain silent.

The book ‘Slaughterhouse’ by Gail A Eisnitz holds, among many other important things, shares this confession from one of the American institute of killing. Confession is not the right word for this story, because I feel the butcher who tells it is proud and amused at this revelation. Is this bragging? perhaps. You can read and decide for yourself.

“And as far as animals go, they’re a lower life-form. They’re maybe one step above a maggot. When you got a live, conscious hog, you not only kill it, you want to make it hurt. You go in hard, blow the windpipe, make it drown in its own blood. Take out an eyeball, split its nose. A live hog would be running around the pit with me. It would be looking up at me and I would just take my knife and –eer- take its eye out while it was just sitting there. And this hog would just scream.

I know many people who will scream bloody murder at the actions of the people of Faroe Islands and then go and eat a steak at home. I do not agree with his sort of discrimination. I oppose with all my heart every form of exploitation of animals and I do not agree with any justification for slaughter, milking, experiments and fashion decisions which are being made over the back and the innocent souls of these beings. Essentially, I do not see any difference between the torn muscle tissue of a whale and the torn muscle tissue of a cow or a chicken which are being slaughtered in great numbers where I live. I do try; believe me, to raise awareness against the industrial, efficient brutality that is responsible for the global death of 150 billion living beings every year just for the sake of enjoyment over their flesh. So why am I writing you and not some abattoir near the city I live in? The death is the same death, but the killing makes the two cases, the killing of dolphins and whales, and the killing of cows and sheep, very different.

The butchering of animals at slaughterhouse is being done for money. Imagine how awful it is to be killed for the money of someone else, as well as how hypocrite what most of the human population does, when we pay someone else to do the dirty work for us and slay someone we would never kill by ourselves, because we want to eat him or her. An attempt to change the ways of a business is a futile attempt, and it’s much more efficient to talk to the costumers instead, making them confront what they are buying. On the other hand, and without considering the selling of whale meat after this ritual ends, the killing of whales on Faroe Islands is done, correct me if I’m wrong, as a recreational, cultural event, meaning that inflicting fear, pain and death on living, feeling and thinking beings is not even a business, it’s a tradition.

Dismissing these beautiful, graceful and smart mammals’ will to live as irrelevant is as easy as the words of the butcher I have mentioned earlier, but we have to remember such decisions over a value for these animals are all empty and are only being made in order to reassure and approve our violence towards them. Meat based diet is not needed, so the abyss we are standing in front of and gazing deep into should be a mirror that will only state the painfully obvious. We kill for pleasure. Be it the pleasure of killing or the pleasure of eating flesh. I find every pleasure that involves killing in it a terrible pleasure, and no one has ever given a real reason why on the dawning verge of 2013 it is Ok to kill animals for this pleasure.

What do I want from you? Well, besides the obvious, I would like to know if behind these horrible killings there is a thought other than culture and tradition. If there is no worry or second thought at the sight of teenagers enjoying taking the life of trapped creatures. I would like to know if there is nothing shocking to the people of Faroe Islands  at the sight of what was once clear water and is now red with blood and agony. I hope that in days to come the world will be able to witness the transformation and the end of this violent aspect of your culture, as you put aside the love for the violence extravaganza.

Thank you.


Of four horses


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