The statement in this picture is the eye of the storm that I would like to discuss.


When reading such declarations from killers who claim to have respect for their victims, it is hard to stay blind in front of the attempt to clean the hunter’s conscious with the unholy water of false respect. But furthermore, I think that in this empty emotional charade there is an important game of deception that is being played. A hunter respects a fellow hunter after a kill, but when the hunter needs respect from me, someone who does not hunt, or might even have negative feelings about this sort of blood sport, my respect must be earned through the imagination of the hunter’s respect for his victim. By doing this, the hunter makes sure that I understand how hunting is not exclusively about blood lust, being a game of honor and sadness due to respectable animal adversary. In order to buy my respect, the hunter makes me believe that he is paying respect for the animal.

It’s important to keep in mind that hunters are not warriors, but thieves and assassins. When you shoot an animal from your hiding place several yards away, without the animal even noticing you, this is what you are. Assassins have no respect for their victims.

The killing of the victims is an act that is devoid of any honor. The declaration of respect is the mask of crying that hides a bloodthirsty smile.

Hunting sells us the illusion of sadness mixed with respect to the animal. The opposite of that charade is the charade of disrespect to the animal, under the happy disguise of bravery. Tourists who go to the Far East often enjoy themselves by taking picture next to living carcass of a tiger or a lion who are being drugged up all day long so they can serve as a tempting photo opportunity. The people who do this demonstrate bravery over the mental crushing of the animal, while the hunters demonstrate a reflective sadness over a worthy kill. The truth is much more simple and naked. It’s an exploitation of a weaker creature, either by taking his life forever or by hijacking it.

Both extravagant masks of this ugly comedia de’llarte are taken completely off in two cases that are parallel to those I have described. By comparing between these parallels we can clearly see how the hunter and the tourist are fooling us.

The real face of hunting can be seen through poaching. Poachers are hunters who do not hide behind pretty pictures and empty slogans. They brutally kill their victims, living their carcasses behind. They do not need to document themselves by taking pictures with the dead and they do not need respect among people who do not benefit directly from their poaching.

Those who give drugs to tigers are being seen more clearly by looking at those who call themselves “lion trainers” in circuses. They break the spirit of the animal by force, not by chemical substances, when no illusion is being needed in order to prove superiority, and all energy can be focused on the show itself.

This is the saddest of the diabolical comedies that I have seen. The hiding of the victim behind the mask of a human – This is what we are always trying to do. We give humanity in form of respect to hunting and we give happiness and joy to the defeating of the drugged down beast. Our favorite thing of them all, the thing that makes us spare their lives a little longer, is when we can dress them as little humans and laugh at them.

for more – http://www.buzzfeed.com/donnad/10-disturbing-photos-of-masked-monkeys

13 thoughts on “The diabolic comedia de’llarte of enslaving

  1. As a hunter, I respectfully disagree. I hope you believe me when I say that there is nothing more atrocious to the natural world than poaching. Those are the men that you despise, as they are the hunters without honor. I would be remiss if I were to try to convince you that all hunters have a genuine respect for the pursuit of wild game. However, I believe you are characterizing every hunter based off a few encounters with hunters who have no ethical approach to hunting. I must agree, however, with the personification of hunters as assassins. The idea is that we become one with the environment and blend in so that the animals have no idea we are there. The animals are innocent and totally ignorant of our presence, which allows us to kill, yes kill, the animal without it ever experiencing pain or fear. Is it cruel, to an extent yes. It is, however, no more cruel than the treatment of animals in industrial farms. By this reply I mean no disrespect, and I genuinely hope that you will have the experience to talk with a hunter who genuinely has a deep passion for the game which he pursues. I do not wish to cause any issues, I am merely trying to offer some perspective from the opposing side.

  2. I am married to a hunter. And I fully disagree with what you are saying. Have you not heard of “hunters
    For the hungry?” The hunters legally hunt and there is a limit they can kill for the season. The hunters will use the animals for food and will donate this food to families in need. Hunters have been around since time began. God gave man dominion over the animals. Not to be poachers. Not to be cruel to them. I believe Indians hunted buffalo,deer, and all sorts of animals for their food. You might want to talk to hunters before you make them out to be cold blooded murderers.

    • You raise three points in your comment.

      One – Hunting can be done in a just way. By saying this you claim that killing an animal, without any regard to her will to live, is a just thing to do, mainly because it brings food to the table of people who could have eaten plant based food as well. This, to me, is horribly illogical.

      Two – I will not enter a discussion about god, but in case you’re right, and god gave people dominion over animals, why is ruling animals has to be violent? Why can’t humans rule the world in a more modest way, by accepting other beings’ will to live? How come we need to justify our dominion by killing those we think of as inferior to us? This is not nature. This is not how nature works. Nature doesn’t work with weapons, or unbalancing the natural harmony in the way we do.

      Three – You claim that hunting is justified because we have always hunted. But we have always murdered people and did horrible things to women as well. ALWAYS. Why doesn’t this fact make us decide that murder and rape are alright and should be legal?

      You have to be cold blooded in order to kill someone as innocent as an animal.

      • God gave us the Ten Commandments to live by. We are not to murder humans. And we are to love our neighbors. And didn’t our ancestors use arrows to kill their food? If you are killing just to be killing…. Yes that is murder. Just like killing a human. A person who kills just because the victim is inferior is mental.
        It would appear that you do not believe in God. And that is your choice. But why can’t you accept that hunting is just . He gave dominion to not be savages but he gave us the right to hunt for food.

    • I do not accept your point of view for some very good reasons.

      God does allow to kill certain groups of people, gay people and people who committed adultery. Yet no one is rushing to kill these sorts of people, even if people think that what they are doing is wrong. We learned, fortunately, to appreciate their lives, even if some of us don’t agree with what they are doing. The fact that their blood is permitted by the bible doesn’t make us go out and kill them.

      and with a good reason.

      You are sticking to the decision that God ALLOWS you to be violent to beings who have nothing to do with you, and just want to live their lives in peace. They can think, they can feel, and they experience reality in their own ways. You (or your husband) stop that experience with a cruel hit (again, from afar) just because you BELIEVE you are ALLOWED to do that.

      It seems that you only consider what you believe is your right for violence, without considering the victims at all, and this is a real shame. Try thinking about them. They are living beings that you kill only because you BELIEVE you’re allowed to. The deer and the bunny do not care if you kill them for fun or for food. Once you think from the victim’s perspective (and you should, because it is you who make him or her the victim), you see that there’s no difference between a hunter and a poacher.

  3. I am a bow hunter . And I can’t believe how ignorant you are . You seem to be a person who is on a soapbox banging their fists and claiming that all hunters are raging killers . That couldnot be farther from the truth . As a bow hunter I spent years learning and stocking before I got my first deer . I have much respect and love for wildlife and the woods . I do not want to destroy anything about it . I only want to protect it . I want to enjoy the woods and hunting for many years to come and then I would like my children to enjoy what I have enjoyed . I want to teach them about responsibility and about where their food comes from and what is necessary to happen for meat to be on the table . And as hunters we take the responsibility of eating meat into our own hands and do it with respect and calculated skillful manner . in my eyes that is much better than blindly gathering meat from the grocery store that supports the giant corporate mechanized slaughter machines that are pumped with hormones chemicals and GMO’s . If people or nonhunters use anything that comes from an animal that requires them to die ,than they also are killers except they are cowards and want other people to kill for them so they do not have to see or get their hands dirty . Hunting is also extremely important for the well-being of the population and the land . without control of deer and or animal population we would be hitting deer with our cars around every turn .
    Yes there are dumb redneck assholes out there who kill just for the fun of it . They are also blind and ignorant . So I suggest that you climb out of your comfy little hippie hipster opinionated bubble take a look around and gather some real information before you start making blanket statements of things you know nothing about .
    If you don’t then you are no better than the redneck assholes that I spoke of earlier .

    • What I am saying is that all hunters, like you, are killers. It’s very very simple to understand, and by your answer I see that you do understand this.

      Besides this little fact – please, you do not love the wildlife if you kill the beings that are the wildlife. This is also very simple. If you loved them, you would ACT in order to defend them from hunters and from cars. What you love, I think, is subjugation of animals into a scenery you can use (kill).

      Yes, there are dumb rednecks who just kill for fun, and there are hunters like you, who kill for other reasons. The animal does not care who killed her and why.

      You can live perfectly well without eating meat, milk or eggs. This is not being hippie or hipster. This is actually respecting the lives of

      • Yes, I can see you know that you are a “keyboard ranger ” I’m glad that you found an outlet for your opinions . you are clearly a vegan and that is just fine I support that choice if you feel that way . But what seems to allude you is the fact that in our modern society there is A big lack of natural predators because of the huge human population therefore there is nothing natural to keep the deer population in check , so without “killers ” willing to do what is necessary to protect wildlife and act as conservationists the deer population would explode into a diseased mange ridden inbreeding population of suffering deer .
        Is that what you want ? .so it sounds like if you had your way you would rather have the population suffer . So I ask you, do you really love animals? Or do you just like the idea of a world where there is no pain and nothing has to die .I see it differently and see hunting as a necessary thing .
        I do love animals very much and actually struggled with killing my first deer . what gets to me so deeply is you are trying to tell me how to feel . you do not have the right to do this . So if you would like to be a vegan and believe that nothing should ever be hurt and nothing should ever die then go ahead and live in that little fantasy world that makes you comfortable . Just do not force your theories on how people should feel upon others .

  4. Now that we agree that humans are to blame for the lack of natural predators (meaning – humans are responsible for a lot of animal deaths, not just the occasional deer), why don’t we act to mend and to help, rather than to simulate killing by predators? why not oversee the deer population, spay and neuter, and let them live without harm? We can do this, but we choose not to, and so more animals, beings who can feel, think and experience reality, can live their lives? why not do anything we can to cause as little damage as possible?

    As long as it involves saving others from harm, I will “force” (really? a post in a blog is forcing theories?) everything I can. I will do this in order to save animals, which I really care about, and I will do this in order to save you from harm even though I really have no respect, to say the least, to what you are doing.

    and one last thing, you do not love those you kill, end if you do then either something horrible had happened to the word ‘love’, or I hope you don’t love your family in the same way.

    Stop thinking about excuses to kill. Start thinking about ways to heal.

    • I see now that you value a Deers life as equal to a human life . And as I still view deer as beautiful animals that should be treated with respect , I still nonetheless view them as food .

      This little back-and-forth is an exercise in futility .
      I will not agree with you and you will not agree with me . that is the way it is .

  5. This is exactly where your “love” is flawed. This is exactly where your view of animal lives is flawed/ You do not love animals. You love the benefit these animals can bring (be it a nice scenery or a nice steak).
    Life is infinitely valuable to the living being, no matter if this being is a cat, a deer, a fish or a man. That’s a fact. Your OPINION that some lives are inferior to others will never change that fact.

  6. OMG. Spay and neuter deer? Granola bars like you crack me up. Have you ever even SEEN a deer?

    Why don’t you go judge another sport, like NASCAR? Think of the waste of fuel, blah blah blah.

    Do us all a big favor, and leave the management of wild animals to those of us who have grown up around them, live near them, and deal with them every day.

    You really should not presume to speak or write about something about which you know nothing. Go educate yourself, then come back and write a better article. Example-MANY forms of hunting involve directly confronting the quarry, such as hunting feral pigs with hounds. Hardly an activity for cowards.

    But you didn’t know about that, did you?

    • You’re just like people who keep saying that some animals are being slaughtered humanely, when confronted with the fact that the flesh they are buying in the supermarket belonged to animals who suffered tremendously before being killed. Your pity examples of sadists who like to attack feral pigs and hounds by direct confronting (with a weapon, right?) are just means to look away from people who hide in the bushes, killing animals through sniper rifles and fancy bows, and telling me that their recreational activity is done in order to “manage wild animals”. You manage animals through violence, and that’s a very poor way of managing things.

      Every activity that involves violence of the stronger, more equipped side, who can come up with other solutions, over the weaker side, instead of finding a peaceful (more complicated, yes) answer is a cowardly act. I am actually surprised that you fail to see that.

      It is the coward who eradicate the other being instead of finding a different solution, and it’s the mother-of-all-cowards who does it from afar, via a sniper rifle or a bow, and sends me to write about NASCAR (now NASCAR is something I haven’t SEEN in my life) so he doesn’t have to read about this.

      O/Of 4 Horses

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