The title of the article – “Friendly buck ‘John Deer’ has been euthanized in B.C. for being too familiar with humans” reveals the brutal order of how Un-Nature is, or was shaped by us humans. There is no rule for animals to follow in order to make sure that they are safe from us. You threaten us, you die. We can use you, you die. You’re unfriendly, you die, You’re friendly, you die. You’re a beloved cat who live with us in the house, you die if we buy a new couch. You’re a beloved dog who lives outside, you die if you ever find yourself with a bored kid and some stones. There is no escape, no way out.

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When we stood in the street, trying to give away flyers about the upcoming demonstration for animal liberation, my girlfriend stopped people who were passing by and asked – “Do you love animals?”. Some of them stopped and listened, some just mumbled “No” and moved on. It was a strange thing to hear, because most of us at least say that we love animals, not in the sense of hugging the dog on the couch, but in the sense of at least appreciating these creatures, even from afar.

of how we liberate the artificial
But what animals do we love? Very few really. What we really love is their representation, and the more artificial it is, the better. We don’t like bears. We love teddy bears. We don’t like lions, we like the lion king. This is why we call our real dogs ‘Snoopy’. This is why there are pictures of smiling cows on packages of meat.

The past few days have been a blessing for Chipotle. The company who sells dead animal products is also selling a promise of care and fairness towards the animals who are being slaughtered by it, and this promise is being made by a viral animation video, where we can see poor farm animals that we all want to love and save. But no one is really going to save the real cow, not even the people who work in the company who gives away that empty promise. We just love the animation, the representation of the cow, with the big eyes and two-dimensional body. The real cow? well, there is a list of excuses that we can use in order to justify her murder, gruesome as it may be. That’s life, we say.

Chipotle’s video – Don’t believe the hype –

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