What is the worst global event that can happen to the human race? The death of our brothers and sisters is the fuel for stories of bravery that we tell our children. The crumbling down or shattering of social structure, states and religions is the shiny matter from which chapters upon chapters of our history books are made of; books that sometimes seem to turn into our main destination in life and thought about our future.
Is the worst thing possible is the end of scientific and technological progress? Most of us live, in this perspective, in the immediate present tense, and can live happily with the technological progress that humanity has achieved up until today, progress that very few of us can even comprehend in the first place.
Is human extinction, or near extinction of the human race scares us? But we are fantasizing about this moment for dozens of years now, through stories and movies!
Is it the loss of our freedom and liberty as individuals? This is almost identical fantasy that we have!

The worst thing that can happen to the human race is a concrete challenging of its dominion over nature and its non-human inhabitants, or even the mere doubt over our status as rulers and dictators. To us, those who were raised on the throne that already stinks with the death of trillions of non-human beings, every demand to free our slaves not only threatens to take us from that cursed chair, it also humiliates and insults us in the same way it would humiliate a man who was raised into dominance over women, as he is now being defeated by the feminist struggle.
Maybe this is not even the mere justification of violence towards animals, violence that only grows in dimensions out of the inertia of our total regime of mankind. Today, as we are executing such widespread, industrious, cold and systematic violence, Can we afford ourselves to stop it in the name of mercy, thus endangering our complete state of brutal dictators in this world, or is our vanity to important to us?

We take the time, as the answer for this question is not given. Non human creatures are being tortured and killed by the billions, and the more we postpone the final cease-fire in our violent war against them, the harder it will be to finally perform such act of compassion, respect, liberation and concession.

Statue by Bruce Nauman, titled "Animal Pyramid"

Statue by Bruce Nauman, titled “Animal Pyramid”


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