‘A cow cannot be murdered, because it is us who made up the term “murder” when we thought about the planned beforehand killing of human beings. ‘


This is the root of the problem that poisons humanity with its venomous pride. instead of praising the cow for never plotting to kill someone for reasons other than self-defense, we glorify the human intelligence and insight that dictate such vile acts of violence, using the creation of murder as a good enough reason to separate and allow “Slaughter” and “Killing” of cows and other farm animals.

When we’re talking about the killing of farm animals, the term ‘Murder’ suddenly turns into a sigil of moral supremacy, instead of a mark of shame, wrong doing and evil.

Left wing people, right-wing people, religious people, Atheists people, we all suddenly hug the word ‘Murder’ as our own savior when a plate with meat on it is placed in front of us, asking us to remember the dead victim behind it. “The cow wasn’t murdered!”, we tell ourselves. “Only people can be murdered by us!”.

Maybe it’s wrong to answer a question with another question, and of course there’s a clear answer to the question of animal murder, but the next question has to be addressed to people who insist that you cannot “murder” animals, only “kill” them:
If you happened to go back in time to the 18-19th century and meet a slave owner, how would you explain to him or her that when they kill a slave, they actually murder him? Or maybe this isn’t a murder as well?

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